2017-Trip to HELO Haiti with Orphaned Starfish Foundation and ARTEAMOR.ORG

I’m currently putting together the details of this trip but until I finish I wanted to put up these clips of the kids and the studio in Haiti. It was pretty incredible how fast my class picked up on how to use the gear and they were recording the first day.


HELO Haiti 2017 – My first class

Computer Training

In the same room that is converted for many uses, the kids are learning computer skills thanks to Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

Orphaned Starfish Computer Training Center in Haiti

Future music makers

I have no doubt that these little guys will be making music in the studio very soon. They’ll get their chance!

Future music stars in Haiti 2017

Orphaned Starfish Foundation 2016

For a few years now I have provided the voiceover for this mini-documentary. It is played at the Orphaned Starfish Foundation’s annual gala….I also wrote and performed the music.

This video shows the magic of Andrew Stein, the founder at Orphaned Starfish. The interaction and response from all the kids is something you have to see in person to really grasp. I wrote and performed the music for this, and had a lot of fun doing it.


is dedicated to helping orphans, victims of abuse, victims of trafficking and at-risk youth break their cycles of abuse and poverty through computer-based education, job training and job placement assistance.