Coldplay featuring Eminem and …100 fake fans.

December 9, 2017

I saw Eminem’s “performance” from the awards on MTV this morning. An old rapper wearing a hoodie grunting about something. I actually couldn’t understand 3 words of it. He had a female playing piano and singing the hook. I met her when she was about 16 in LA before she got all the ink and name change. Talented. So it was as pathetic as I would expect with the obligatory fake crowd/dancers/fans that the show choreographers have convinced themselves look really authentic and exciting. This is the same gang that sells every singer into thinking they need dancers on stage- Pink, Lady GAGA, and soon Coldplay. How long before the first 10 rows of each concert will be filled with seat-fillers from some casting agent?
Then later in the same day, I get the treat of seeing Coldplay on “later with Jools Holland”…very exciting to watch Chris Martin perform 4 minutes of aerobics and some vocals while the “band” makes believe they’re still in the band. THE WHOLE THING IS A TRACK.
Thank god for THE BLACK KEYS…until they add the choreography.

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